NYC – a girl outside o’ Yorkshire

Day 1 – Wandering ’bout Manhattan.


Sooooo. I’ve decided to start a blog about this New York trip, as it’s not just a holiday, it’s travel, it’s work experience, it’s a completely different culture.
So this picture is a very special one. A girl I met called Kelsey who was from California. She gave me this bracelet, as she is giving one to every person she gets to know on her travels from here to around Europe. Unfortunately it fell off at some point during the day as it wasn’t secured enough. I am absolutely gutted, but glad I managed to get this photo. It meant a lot to me as she was so bloody nice to me for the 18 hours I had known her for. She even helped me get my suitcase down these evil bloody steps hahhaha. I wish her the best on her travels. Can’t wait to see instagram posts!!! So sorry for losing the bracelet. Don’t want you thinking I didn’t care because I do, I am so upset 😦

So obviously you can see the gravy. Had to have a home comfort, chips and gravy. Last night I did feel a bit home sick, I’m doing this all by myself and it’s the first time I’ve travelled so far on my own. Even get scared going round London by myself. 
Today, as it was my first full day, I decided to go all out so to speak and did a bit of shopping, ate tea at TGI’s- a place that seems more American back in the UK than it does in America. 

It’s very Yano..plain. In England they are all wearing braces and badges and there is American themed stuff on the wall. Here it’s just mirrors. How shit. 
Saw all kinds of cool stuff today, Rockfella plaza, Bloomingdales, Trump Tower, Central Park, Time Square, Wall Street. 
Went to a nice British style pub, of course, cos I was curious. It was called the Cock and Bull..if you saw it you’d think it was just like being in London. I had a good time. That’s where I got the chips and gravy. 
Be back tomorrow with all the happenings of 4th July!!!

Opinions wanted?

A collection of birds, animals, furry little things, made up of florals?

Bringing back the flamingo circa 2017!

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 16.08.45

Lil’ blurry but in his original colour way.

Different media, have a play around a bit, I reckon these would make really nice prints or postcards.

What do you guys think?


Struggling for inspo? Motivation? ME TOO.

After an intense 3 years at Loughborough, I graduated last week.


It feels so good for it to be official, and to be free from education (until my masters begins, of course) but I feel as though I should be creating still, but i’m so run down from the intensity of the previous years, should I be allowed a break??

Thing is, in the ‘real world’ as my parents keep reminding me, it’s always going to be like this.

I’ve not posted anything particularly creative as I am doubting my skill, due to having a break. Or maybe I should draw something other than flowers??

I need a week of solid experimentation and no distractions – easier said than done right?

Surely it’s not just me who’s struggling. I’m constantly comparing myself to those I graduated with, and feel just generally behind. But i’m telling you this, i’m leaving that attitude. I am a good designer, who just needs some inspiration and more confidence.


PV New York – One Year On

When you attend trade shows as part of a studio rather than a student, you see so much more, and its an entirely different experience and I am beyond lucky to have been able to be on both sides.

As a student, it’s all about the aesthetics and trying to make connections for future employment potentially, talking to as many people as you can, but at the same time you can’t be distracting them and having their potential sales just wander on to the next stand. But they don’t mind talking to you and sharing their wealth of knowledge.

Then, being part of the studio team, you’ll see the business side of things, how sales are made, how much designs sell for, and how the exchange of prints take place. It’s a really good bit of experience, even learning how you show the designs isn’t as straight forward as what you’d think.

It’s a great feeling seeing the designs you’ve helped to design potentially being re-homed to a big company and later made into a garment, it’s so surreal.


Throwback to being in my element. (Credit @hello.goldie on Instagram)

I’d really want to go back and work in NYC, but it’s such a big risk. Then again what isn’t a risk in the world of fashion and textiles?

Let’s see where my masters takes me. I might end up in such a different career. I’m open to trying new things this year and being out of my comfort zone.


Paris. A lot later than promised

Well I was going to fire back up the travel blog but Paris has really taken all of my energy! 

So what I am going to do is give you a run down of what I did each day, just delayed ahaha. 

So my first day. Travelling there. Had to get to Luton airport which I’ve never been to, literally the worst airport I’ve ever been to. Worse than Leeds Bradford! But hey. It got me here. So I had some food, proper nice chicken burger tbf. And some beer. Lots of beer. I was actually a bit drunk on that flight. But I was on holiday so it’s okay. Sat next to a girl on the plane who had a stand at premiere vision, very close to the Sogé stand! So I did get to speak to her at the show, but hold ya horses I’m only on day one here! 

Met kirsty in the airport who had been waiting for hours, but she bought some wine so was also a bit drunk. 

Rather than finding somewhere near the hotel to eat, we decided to go into the city and eat, with our suitcases in tow. We went to a restaurant near Colonel Fabian, near where I stayed last time, we both had an amazing chicken burger. But for the first time in my life I wasn’t that hungry and I ate it when we got back. Was so good. 

After a few changes on the metro we got to where we were staying. It was an F1 hotel on the outside of Paris. Was okay for what we paid but pretty basic. Think I contracted bed bugs or mosquito bites but stillllll only on day 1 here. There wasn’t nearly enough pillows. Considering I have loads at home and this was a really thin pillow. I didn’t bring my pillow pet sheep that I bring everywhere for some reason, regretted that. Sorry Luke the sheep. 

I’m only giving the updates of my trip in bite sized chunks because people get bored reading large things, it’s a blog not a book! 

Au revior. 

Day 18 – final day. 

So guys this is the end of my trip. 

Today I went to work and had to lug around the massive suitcase. Nearly got crushed a few times but I got to work in one piece. Did some drawing today but I was just itching to get to the airport. I was ready for home. 

No inflight entertainment gained us a free voucher for the airport. I used mine in McDonald’s. we were supposed to be able to use it in Hudson the newsagents but the staff were rude and said no. 

I got myself a charm from pandora to commemorate this trip. A little Statue of Liberty. 

I bought some water and a sleeping water so hopefully I’ll sleep because I really need it. 

Here is the hifly plane instead of our Thomas cook one but hey. Doesn’t. Other me I’m tired I’m just gonna sleep. Don’t even think I’ll have a beer. 

See you on the other side. 

Day 16 & 17 – apologies for the late posts. 

I was absolutely pooped from the trade show. We had to get back to Brooklyn with 3 suitcases, 7 stools and a shelving unit, from pier 94 which is not easy to get to I’m telling you now. Once we got back to Stephanie’s studio we dropped the stuff off, I went to the train station via the pizza shop. Went straight home and watched Netflix. Nothing too interesting. Did get funny looks when I was eating my pizza on the train. I wasn’t bothered though. 

So yesterday. I tried to sleep in but a noisy Italian guy woke me up. Was fuming cos it took me ages to get to sleep because of the heat. I went into manhattan for Charley’s Philly steaks. Loved it. 

Cheese fries are good but they aren’t as good as cheesy chips back home. 

My mum told me that we are going to spoons for dinner on Sunday and I couldn’t be more excited. America seriously needs to get spoons. Burger and a pint for a fiver come onnnnn. 

So I went to Central Park for a lie down for an hour. It was so hot but there was a breeze every so often. Then I went to union square, decided I needed to find a gift shop so that took me to China town. Got what I needed for (Gazebo) nicola and Kirsty. I didn’t stay out too late cos I had to pack. I didn’t enjoy that. Had to sacrifice some clothes for space for stuff I bought here. Not a bad thing cos it’s stuff I probs wouldn’t wear at home or again. I think I’m ok now with weight. So glad I bought that luggage scale. Saved me life. 

Still got loads in my hand luggage too. My brother will be happy I can give him his gift straight away cos it’s in the hand luggage. I’ve stocked up on stationary. Maybe a little too much. Ah well. 

Off to work soon. Need to purchase one last bagel for the journey on the plane. I love Bergen bagels they’re great! 

Sad to leave, but I am ready for home. There will be one more post whilst I’m exploring JFK airport tonight. Then I’m gonna have to think of interesting things to post about once this trip is over. 

Over and out. For now. 

Day 16 – PV day 1

I got up so early man even earlier than the day I flew to the USA! Had to make sure I looked acceptable seen as I was interacting with lots of people. 

Photo credit to @hello.goldie on instagram!

Photo credit to Robyn taking it for me on my phone haha

If you ever go to Premiere Vision, don’t buy the food there, it’s shocking and overpriced. I paid 8 dollars for a 4 and a half in sandwich which was 99% bread. 
My prints didn’t sell but it’s early days so it’s ok. There is also Paris PV too so I’m not worried. I did a lot of sitting about and wandering. I got to help show prints to a few clients when it got busy. I was a little nervous but I will be able to help out a lot more tomorrow. 

I made some contacts when I was wandering around. Got lots of business cards and postcards. I got to meet Longina Phillips herself. I felt a little star struck tbh. Amanda Kelly in London wants to see my portfolio so could get some work experience there before I get back to uni. 

After the trade show finished we were invited for drinks and nibbles. Not sure what the nibbles were but I had like 4 beers. I was happy. 

After I got back into manhattan I went to shake shack again. It was ok but I was starving last time so it tasted better. I did get a picture this time. It was juicy and tasty too. The fries were all salty this time. 

As I write this, I am passing Myrtle Avenue on the J train. Half an hour ish away from the house I believe. May need to pop into family dollar for some snacks if I can be bothered. 

I am so tired. Can’t wait to get straight to sleep tonight.